Evidence shows that the investments on Netflix original content work

Netflix officers wagered its future on its original shows and films. Until now, its subscribers love those original content.

The statistics provided by AllFlicks showed that Netflix’s original content get higher scores than those it import from traditional televisions. Its original content get an average marks of 3.87 ( full marks are 5). While other content were rated at 3.47 marks.

Its original documentary got the highest grade at 4.03, while its non-original documentary only got 3.58 marks.

Netflix has been increasing investments on original programmes since 2012. Its average annual increase rate reached 185.41%. By far, Netflix produced 111 original tv shows and films. In January, Ted Sarandos announced Netflix will release about 600 hours of original content this year, including 31 orginal tv shows.

CFO David Wells claimed last autumn that original content has strong impact on consumers preference in comparison with authorized content.

The latest survey showed that some of Netflix’s opinion were true. Netflix subscribers seem to be interested in original content. The well-being rating of subscribers becomes the index for Netflix’s success.

How much profit Netflix made by investing original content? Well, it is hard to say. It costs much to produce the original tv shows and films. It is possibly the reason why Netflix reduces 31.7% of its original content.

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