The iPhone 7 sales of opening weekend showed unimpressive

Apple did not reveal its iPhone 7 sales of opening weekend this year. However, the third party statistics data showed its sales make even with its predecessors’.


iPhone 7 is available in some countries and regions now. According to the statistics data from Localytics,  iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus penetration are respectively 1% and 0.2% since the release.

As a contrast, iPhone 6s penetration was 1% on opening weekend last year, and iPhone 6s Plus penetration was 0.3%. The media judged that the sales of iPhone 7 are basically even with the one of iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 was the first big-screen edition which released in 2014. Its two models won a great popularity from the market. It even hit the sales record in Apple history. The statistics showed that iPhone 6 penetration reached 2% after opening weekend.

In recent, Apple announced that iPhone 7 Plus equipped with dual cameras would be out of stock soon. What’s more, the American and Japanese operators made hits in pre-orders in its history.

However, the Wall Street and American media felt negative towards the sales of iPhone 7. It still applied the body design of 2014. Apple just upgraded its flash memory and released dual cameras which is far from the expectation from market.

The Nikki news reported that Apple cut 30% of component orders this year as it lost faith in iPhone 7 sales performance. Apple encountered the first sales decline in 13 years owing to drag of iPhone 6s. In addition, Apple iPhone sales declined by 15% in Q1 and Q2.

Is good news to wearable manufacturers that Apple Watch Series 2 featured with fitness function?

Wall Street Journal claimed that Apple Watch 2 emphasizes on sport and fitness functions. It may affect the sales of wearable fitness devices on the market.


When Apple Watch was initially released two years ago, Tim Cook introduced its functions included email, calendar, weather broadcast and telephone dialing. Cook also mentioned its fitness function for Apple Watch then.

When Apple Watch 2 was debuted last week, its featured functions focus on sport and fitness. COO Jeff Williams stated:”We assume Apple Watch is the ultimate device of healthy life.”

Apple redesigned the new generation of Apple Watch and named it as Apple Watch Series 2. Its water-proof function and stand 50 meters beneath water which owes to the water-proof feature of customized speaker system. Apple addressed the cooperation with Nike and released a sport-theme customized Apple Watch Nike+. It is set with GPS which allows this device track the data of hiking, running and cycling.

Apple sold 12 million Apple Watches since its release. However, Apple Watch did not make a hit as iPhone. It sold 1 billion iPhones in past 9 years. Forrester J.P. Gownder pointed that:” Apple Watch has no core function yet, while it develops into a nice sport and fitness device.”

Brad Erickson claimed that Apple Watch Series 2 will may affect the sales of other wearable fitness devices, including Garmin and Fitbit.

Garmin spokesman said:” Apple Watch will bring more consumers for our wearable fitness devices. It is thrilled that Apple released the similar smart watch. It is a sign that wearable fitness device has been authorized.”

While Fitbit spokesman indicated that there will be enough room for fitness devices growth based on the past records.

Will Snapchat launch AR hardware for joining Bluetooth SIG?

Snapchat joined Bluetooth SIG. It is a strong sign that Snapchat wish to explore its business from apps to hardware. This action plus with the recruitment and acquisition it made in consumer electronics field gave the public an expression that it will launch AR glasses.


Apple, Google, Microsoft and Faceboook expressed the interest in AR technology. Snapchat applied the similar technology for filter by customizing the snapshots with funny animation.

Snapchat filter has 150 million daily active users so far. It is becoming a online streaming and professional publishing platform. Users can also use this platform to communicate with friends.

Concerning the news of Snapchat launched wearable device could date back to March. CNET claimed then Nokia and Logitech joined a screte research lab.

The capitalization value of Snapchat is said to be over $15 billion. Its major investors include Fidelity. Snapchat has never commented on the plan of hardware development. However, it is an obvious signal that it would expand business in hardware field as it joined Bluetooth SIG.

Being a membership of Bluetooth SIG is necessary to those manufacturers who wish to use wireless devices on hardware. Snapchat has been listed as a membership on Bluetooth SIG official website. It showed that Snapchat has registered a unique identifier.

The confirmed source claimed that Snapcaht had been seeking for OEM to make original helmets in the summer. It implied that Snpachat is in the early stage to launch such product. The helmets won’t be released this year.

The participants of this plan claimed that Snapchat will accelerate the hardware project. It recruited some new employees from Nest and GoPro.

Snapchat spokesman did not make any responds for joining Bluetooth SIG and its development plans.