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A new round personnel adjustment made in Reddit

The seniors management officials have been talking about their new plans in past months, which aimed to turn social news into a real business.


The confirmed source indicated Reddit has been adjusting key positions in past few weeks. It attempted to make fresh vitality for the company.

The personnel adjustment may involve Celestine Maddy and chief editor Vickie Chang, reported Recode.

Vickie Chang once dealt with Upvoted project, which aimed at creating BuzzFeed of internal Reddit content.He reported his job to Reddit co-founder and Alexis Ohanian.

The latest resigned official included video content chief Stephen Greenwood and HR talent Nicole Jasmin Clark. Clark’s LinkedIn profile showed July is the last month she serves in Reddit.

Diana Chow, spokesman of Reddit, stated in email that some of dismissed positions mean little to our strategy. However, she did not confirm the officials who have resigned from the company.

The strategy which Diana Chow mentioned is the one that Steve Huffman has been talking about. The core of this strategy is the advertising agreements it signed with Coco Cola and Google. Steve Huffman told Fortune reporter that it is going to make profit from the advertising agreements.

Reddit sent an email announcement to Recode then. It claimed :” Our company has been regrouping the communications, editing, video and marketing teams in past weeks. As a part of this regroup, some employees quit their positions and some will make decisions based on the change of positions. We wish all the best to our former co-workers and appreciate their contributions to Reddit.”

Downloads of AdBlock Plus draw near 1 billion times

Germany Eyeo CEO Till Faida announced on Monday that the downloads of AdBlock Plus approach near 1 billion times. So far, this software has been installed on 100 million active devices.


The development of ad-blocking software forces the medium and publishers seek new channel to make profit. AdBlock Plus is the leader in the ad-blocking field.

Eyeo revealed the downloads of AdBlock Plus were 500 million times earlier this year. Its active users were 50 million. Judged by this figure, the ad-blocking business received rapidly increase. Faida claimed the downloads of iOS apps and Android apps added up to 10 million times.

He stated at Drisrupt NY 2016 that there were some mistakes existed in the advertising industry. Eyeo helps the advertising industry to reset its environment and offer better experience regarding the advertising issues for users.

He explained many of users do not hate ads actually. However, they hate the intrusive ads which bother their surfing.

Therefore, the company launched the Acceptable Ads project to avoid the interference of irritated ads and select some well-performed ads for users. The project targeted the large-scale enterprises and offered them 10 million times of displaying their ads.

Eyeo charged those enterprises subscription for AdBlock Plus service. The amount depended on 30% of their traditional advertising revenue that obtained via white list per month.

Faida did not reveal the revenue that AdBlock Plus brought. He suggested that among American top 100 websites, there were 40 of them displaying the page of Acceptable Ads.

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