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McDonald’s share increases as it presents Pokémon Go toy as a gift in Japan

With the influence of McDonald’s Japanese branch presented Pokémon Go toy as a gift in Happy Meals, its share increased by 23% which was almost up to the raising limit.

McDonald’s Japanese branch has been cooperating with Nico Puchi since last Friday to present Pokémon Go toy as a gift in Happy Meals. This action led to an 23% increase of McDonald’s share today. The increase rate was the biggest one-day gain since July, 2001.

In the meanwhile, Nintendo also profited with a share increase of 13% today. The market value of Nintendo reached overfulfil $39 billion, ranking ahead of Sony.

Besides presenting Pokémon Go toy, McDonald also sponsored Pokémon Go with other means. Quoted from Gizmodo, McDonald’s will sponsor this game with the means of Pokéstop and Gym.

Some players found the logo of McDonald’s in Pokémon Go’s code, showing Sponsored.MCDonalds.

The confirmed source claimed that such sponsorship plan will be carried out in some Asian country. Each of McDonald’s in that country will be Pokéstop or Gym for Pokémon Go.

It is unclear which country will be selected. It is possibly in Japan. Pokémon Go originated from Japan. Pokémon Go is under release in Japan so far which made players angry.

John Hanke, CEO of Niantic company, stated it considered carrying out the sponsorship plan for Pokémon Go, such as the fix retail stores or vending machine of designated sponsors.

To urban players, McDonald’s is easy to access and with free Wi-Fi. It sounds a attractive boon.

Pokémon Go adds Pokéstop to stimulate consumption

AR mobile game Pokémon Go has been downloading for 15 million times. Its developers claimed that this game will introduce advertisements soon.


Niantic CEO John Hanke stressed the Pokéstop  will become one of income besides purchasing energy and virtual gifts inside the application, reported Financial Times.

Pokémon Go is an mobile game combines with AR technology and LBS technolgy, which players go to hunt and train Pokémon outdoor as well as purchase equipment and team up with others to battle. The development team will choose some well-known sites as the Pokéstop or Gym where players can catch pokéballs or other equipment and fight. The sites set up as Pokéstop and Gym have attracted more players as the game has become so popular.

It has a Lure Module that attracts Pokémon to a Pokéstop for 30 minutes. The merchants around Pokéstop or Gym can benefit from the effect as well. They have to pay the Pokémon company to be a Pokéstop of this game.

The owner of a pizza bar that locates in Queens told New York Post that Pokéstop stimulated sales with an increase of 75% when he purchased the Lure Module as it attracted a great amount of Pokémon for 30 minutes.

Niantic spokesman denied to reveal the specific details and revenue concerning advertising revenue and subscriptions of this game. Sensor Tower revealed the statistics that the sum of business transactions of American iOS players is up to $1.6 million.

Haruka Mori, analyst of JPMorgan, estimated that Nintendo will benefit from about $240 in revenue if Pokémon Go monthly revenue reaches $292 million. If the sales of Pokémon Go Plus is up to 50 million units, it will create about $240 million profit for Nintendo.

Riot announced to acquire Radiant studio


The developer of League of Legends announced to acquire another game developer Radiant Entertainment. Riot Games will have enrich games by this acquisition, such as Stonehearth and Rising Thunder.

According to the announcement posted on Radiant official website, Riot and Radiant promised to continue the launch of Stonehearth. However, the alpha trial of Rising Thunder will be closed down. The team that is responsible for Rising Thunder will be shifted to launch new games which are waiting for announcement.

The announcement wrote:” we are glad to announce that our company is acquired by Riot. Our developers will keep working on their goals, creating more excellent games for our players after the acquisition. ”

This acquisition brings in more talents for Riot. League of Legends has become the most popular and high income games in this field. This free MOBA app created over $ 1 billion income by selling roles, skin and other props. It contributes the popularity of E-sport. The quantity of Riot games will be doubled after it completes the acquisition. Radiant is now working on the third game now.

The new game is a bit different from Rising Thunder. Its designers tried to change the fighting ways to allow the players complete more complicated movements by one-touch operation. All players can experience the game by carrying out the basic tactics. It emphasiss on the complexity and incentiveness of thefighting game.

Radiant did not reveal the reason why it will ends Rising Thunder. It implied that the company will announce more details for this in a proper time. It confirmed that Rising Thunder will be permanently closed on March 18.

Zynga plans to sell its headquarter building

SFist revealed that US social gaming company Zynga plans to sell its headquarter building which locates in San Francisco.


Until now, it has 2,300 employees. It decreased one-third employees than its peak. It means that Zynga doesn’t need so much space for work. Its headquarter building was acquired at $ 228 million. Sega America set down its headquarter there. The building gets the capital appreciation due to the real estate development in San Francisco.

Zynga confirmed the news that it would sell its headquarter building and claimed that it mentioned this proposal at Q4 earning report meeting. The company will rent some offices for work at this building then. The company is still discussing the effective solutions now.

Zynga was established in 2007. Its business was extended to European and American areas due to the rise of Facebook games. Its IPO market value reached $ 9 billion by the end of 2011. However, it was in a dilemma since then. It turned its business into mobile games. The users of Facebook games decreased gradually.

To speed up the transition, CEO Mark Pincus hired ex EA and Microsoft officer Don Mattrick to innovate the business. He dismissed the former Zynga management group and acquired NaturalMotion at $527 million. It turned out that the transition was difficult and Don Mattrick left Zynga in April, 2015.

In the past three quarters, Zynga performance did better and and made both ends meet. Overall, it is still in a deficit situation due to the former invested losses. Its current market value is $1.9 billion and the investors get more patience for its transition.

Rovio might launch new games to save share declining

Rovio statistics showed that its trump game Angry Bird reached 4 billion downloads. What a surprise!

Angry Bird is a free value-add gam that obtained the most downloads in the world. It was loved by millions of fans.


However, Rovio suffered difficulties in the past few years. It dismissed 213 employees in October, 2015. Its CEO resigned in December, 2015.

Rovio’s income declined by 9% in 2014, while the operating profit decreased rapidly by 74%. So far, Rovio has not announced its financial performance of 2015 yet.

The company wishes to bring in more talents to promote its business. Rovio appointed Wilhelm Taht was the vice president of Rovio Games in the beginning of this year. Taht was the once officer of external product that introduced Angry Birds Transformers and Angry Birds Go.

Taht was interviewed by BI at MGF in London. He revealed some developing strategies that might help Rovio to obtain better performance. He implied that the they are working hard to innovate and launch new games.

To attract the existing consumers, Rovio will focus on the launching of new games and innovation of products.

Taht realized Angry Birds attracts fewer consumers now. He feels that the Angry Birds Movie which will be released in May could help the company to promote its business.

Rovio launched a new game named Nibblers last autumn. It made good performance as well. He did not reveal the downloads of Nibblers. But its grade on Google Play Store is 4.5 stars or 5 stars, obtaining 36544 votes. It also obtained 8/10 favorable comments on Pocket Game.

Romero’s Aftermath enters open beta

George C Romero who is the son of Night of the Living Dead director George A Romero has designed a new survival horror game with his horror expertise.

C Romero teamed up with Free Reign Entertainment, the independent video game publisher to develop Aftermath. This horror game is the only free-to-win massively multiplayer online survival one and it has already entered open beta.

The game shows players battle zombies against other survialists by using their survival skills to stay alive. Whether win or lose, depends on their survial skills.

Romero said he is a fan of survival horror games and he was eager to bring his experience working on horror films into a survival game when had a chance to cooperate with Free Reign Entertainment on Aftermath. Aftermath is a great title for this game. It will bring a fresh experience to the fans of horror games.

Romero directed the 2015 file Origins, it is the continuation to his father’s classic horror Night of the Living Dead.

Adam Skidmore,the Design Lead on Aftermath felt honored to work with C Romero. He said Romero has enrich expertise and experience on survial horror games. A new break for massively multiplayer online survival horror game will come.

Fans of horror games can download and play Aftermath from the game’s website and Stream for free now.

Sony’s 1TB PS4 will be bundled with a PlayStation TV device for sale in Britain

Sony has revealed that its fans will receive a free gift with 1TB PS4 when it comes to the market later this month.

It is said that the 1TB Ultimate Player Edition PlayStation 4 come to the fans with a PlayStation TV microconsole, but it has time limited.

The users can convert PS4 content to a second screen with the PalyStation TV devices that making the main TV set difference from the traditional viewing.

It revealed that the “Ultimate Player Edition” console will come on the market on July 15, and this device comes with black and white versions, while the retailers are only listing the Jet Black model at the moment.

The Ultimate Player Edition consists of a DualShock4 Wireless Controller, a 14 Day PlayStation Plus Trial, a HDMI cable, an AC Power Cord, a Wired Mono Headset and a USB Cable.

This is a similar 1TB model releasing in Japan. Its power consumption reduced by 8%, while weight reduced by 10% and it comes with a matte finish to make the system look more casual. But those features did not come to the European versions. It is said that the feature improvements will be based on the launch console specifications.

Fallout Shelter runs better than Candy Crush Saga concerning profitability

The game named Fallout Shelter has been accepted by the customers and it runs quite well on the App Store. Fallout Shelter’s sales performance is running good and it is making more profit for the vendor than Candy Crush Saga does.


App Annie collected the data that indicates Bethesda’s base building game reaches the fourth highest grossing iOS app in the United States. While the Candy Crush Saga ranks in the fifth according to the data.

The other top three highest grossing games before Fallout Shelter are Clash of Clans, Game of War- Fire Age, and a music app Pandora Radio.

It is said that Fallout Shelter’s success in finance can be attributed to the sale of in-game lunchboxes, along with the feature the players can purchase to help the game characters keep running fast.

It is not the only way to invest to gain financial success as the game can earn more money via the players’ playtime along.

Fallout Shelter becomes the popular download free application in the United States now. Bethesda has plans to launch the mobile game to Android devices very soon.

According to the report of, the developer has not unveiled how much it earns through its game Fallout Shelter, however, Candy Crush Saga earned $ 2 billion each day during the spring season of 2015 by targeting on all platforms.