Google is said to test a multi-functional app Trips


From Maps to Flight Search, Google has been an indispensable part of modern traveling. It seems that Google is testing a new multi functional tourist application.

Netherlands Android World revealed that the users of Google Local Guides project are testing on a new software called Trips. It can collect the flights, hotel reservations and other tourist info from users email mailbox and download them to the local files so that users could check their traveling plans without internet connection.

It is said that the Guides of Trips are divided into several blocks, for instance, the “Getting around”block offers users the information concerns routine, public transportation, taxi, car pooling and car rental that they could choose to leave the airport when they get off the plane. While “Things to do” block enables users to find the local popular tourist sites, shows and recommended routines on it.

Google Maps, on the other hand, plays an important role for Trips as well.

What’s more, Trips is also featured with “Reservations” “Food & Drink” and “Need to know” blocks. Android World stated that the Trips app collected the suggestions based on localized users.

It also revealed some screen-shots of Trips app. The new app’s design is in accordance with Google’s customary style. It is worth noting that Google just updated its Search software last month, adding a new feature called “Destinations”. It sounds like Trips is an extension of “Destinations” concept.

Google just gave a vague response to answer this reveal. It suggested users to continue to apply its Google Flights, Hotel Search, Destinations features to complete their tourist plans.

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