Sharp RoBoHon is officially released, selling at 12,000 yuan


Speaking of robots, it may remind you of R2-D2 in Star War, however, it doesn’t feature with making phone calls.

You will be soon able to make phone calls to friends with a robot. Sharp debuted a robot phone called RoBoHon. It looks fantastic and is able to pack in a packbag.

Sharp displayed the prototype of RoBoHon at MWC in Barcelono in February. This RoBoHon was released in Japan on May 26, selling at minimum 12,000 yuan. It will be introduced to more countries in the near future. This RoBoHon is made by Sharp and Tomotaka Takahashi.

RoBoHon could completely replace the traditional smartphone as it could insert the SIM card and dial phone without connecting the mainstream device. Besides making phone calls, this device is able to receive and send emails, download apps.

It is designed with a 2.1-inch touch screen on the back of RoBoHon so that the users could manage the operation. The device could respond the voice demand. It could dail phone calls when users require or walk to users when there are calls in.

Users could use RoBoHon to take photos as one of its eyes is embeded with camera. When the photo is taken, RoBoHon will bend to reflect the photo with the proejction component set on the forehead on the floor or other flat surface.

RoBoHon runs Android 5.0, equips with 2.1-inch LED touch screen, RAM 16GB. It supports 3G/LTE and Wi-FI. Even though it is a bit expensive, its features will be great experience for users. Sharp predicted that it will be able to sell 5,000 RoBoHon each month.

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