Silicon Valley three giants have trouble in exploring market

Sun was one of Silicon Valley giants that was established in 1980s. It provided hardware and software for thousands of enterprises.It was acquired by Oracle in 2010.

Speaking of the three current giants Apple, Facebook and Twitter in Silicon Valley, they all face pressure to explore market.


The public have been concerning the sales of iPhone. Apple last Earnings report indicated that iPhone sales would decline in 2016.
The exchange rate problem declined the its revenue in Chinese market. Apple iBooks and iMovies service had been closed in 6 months since being released in China.


Jack Dorsey unemployed some employees and reorganized the board of directors since he has been working as CEO again. Its business suffered loss during the reorganization. It might lose more users.

Co-founder of Martha Lane Fox became one of Twitter’s membership of board of directors last month.

Twitter also teamed up with National Football League to broadcast the live matches. Even though Twitter did not make much profit from these matches, it attracts more potential users to pay attention to its platform.


The situation of Facebook is a bit different from the above two companies’. It made different challenge. It attempted to launch VR devices, live video, intelligent chatrobot and areoplane. Not all of them made success.

The VR technology is a hot topic this year. There are not many users obtaining a VR device so far. Its has market potential. We don’t know whether its Coulus Rift will be succeed. Zuckerberg claimed it could considerate as success when its sales reach 50 million to 1 billion sets.

Apple needs to take measures to stop the declining sales of iPhone, Twitter needs to attract more new users and Facebook needs to adjust its focus on services and projects.

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