Windows 10 market share will increased to 20% by June

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It is reported that the market share of Windows 10 on the basis of all Windows desktops will increased to 20% by the end of June. It is estimated that Microsoft will make another important Windows 10 update then.

Net Application report showed that the user share of Windows 10 in April was 15.3%, increased by 1.2% compared with March.

The growth rate of Windows 10 in April slowed down a bit in comparison with January and March, but increased faster than February.

Windows 10 accounts for 17.3% among all Windows systems. The reason why Windows user share in pc is different from the ones in all Windows systems is that Windows systems only account for 89% of market share instead of 100% in all personal computers.

Based on the statistics Net Applications released in the past 12 months, the user share of Windows 10 in destops will increase to 20% by the end of June. The Windows 10 system will serve over 300 million computers then.

Microsoft claimed the devices that run Windows systems have been over 1.5 billion sets. With reference to Net Application statistics, the number of devices that run Windows 10 are about 259 million sets. In other words, Microsoft only obtained 24 million devices that run Windows system in April.

The stastics made by StatCounter indicated that the user share of Widnows 10 in April was 17.9%, increased by 1.4% than March. Its statistics were calculated with global user share.

The performance of Windows 10 growth did better in United States. Digital Analytics Program claimed that Windows 10 accounted for 23.7% of user share in all Windows personal computers in April. It increased by 2.8% in comparison with March.

In the meanwhile, Net Applications assumed Apple OS X user share will be increased to 9.6% among global personal computers market share. Windows systems share will drop under 90%.

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