Instagram popularizes on Twitter by updating to Explore section


Instagram has launched a major update and it enables to check its Explore page and introduce broader search options.

The photos service wants to be turning to place for real-time updates, it can bring more users to read the real-time content by adding trending Tags and Places.

These real-time updates will be noted with the targeted posts, according to the things that users whether they have liked or have followed the posts. The updates are served up by the previous system.

The display collections of photos are classified by specific subjects that will appear at the top of the page which update twice a week.

The modified search engine enables users to ask for requests due to places, not just base on people and tags. In the meanwhile, the top Search options tracks all three fields for updating.

Instagram team pointed out in a blog post: “there are more than 70 million photos and videos posted to Instagram each day, it allows you the chances the see the changes whenever something is occurring.”

It added, there are enrich contents to access which are unique reported, the topics are not just what the community talking about. The contents are based on real experience.

The latest update version is available to download from June 24. The modified Explore page is US, it is just for time being. It is said that the Instagram has plans to introduce its new features to the world.

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