The search experience at App Store is worse than Product Hunt’s


General speaking, search application is easy to use. All you need is to insert the application name to search. What if you don’t know the specific application name? If so, App Store and Google Play won’t help much for the search.

Search GIF

GIF nearly becomes a new communication means. At TNW European conference, Adam Leibsohn , the CEO of Giphy, talked about how GIF replace conversations and become a popular communication means in the world.

He assumed that one should not type several paragraphs when communicating with others on social networking platform with the helpf of GIF. To make it a short story, GIF is excellent and welcome by most of people. Why is so difficult to search a real good GIF editing app?

Search experience is unsatisfied

If you search GIF editing app at App Store, you could only get some irrelevant results. It even listed out some emojis and color characters. Such results are not about GIF editing app.

Product Hunt does better job than App Store

You might have heard of Product Hunt. Someone recommended a GIF Toaster on Product Hunt. GIF Toaster was released in 2014 and updated with some new features on this June 24.

To be specific, GIF Toaster added the GIF transformation function. App Store also has the similar app, however, it requires one to search one by one from the results.

GIF Toaster is far from perfect. You need to pay $1.99 to decrypt the features inside the software. It is considered as the best GIF production and editing app on the market.

It is a mutliple GIF app. It won’t beranking front in GIF app search unless you search the “video transform into GIF.

Apple needs to improve its apps on the aspect of language, algorithm and sorting. When you are unable to search the apps at App Store, you have to turn to the third party products. It would be great if Apple improve its App Store for better search experience in the near future.

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