Popular Programming Languages: Python, JavaScript and Java

Packt Publishing, the biggest worldwide publisher concerning programming books, investigated that JavaScript and Python are the most popular programming languages, Java comes with 3rd.


The survey was done by interviewing 11,000 interviewers. They also answered some other questions, including what programming languages they used, favorite frameworks and salary.

The survey showed the top 10 programming languages based on web developers used each day: JavaScript, Python, Java, PHP,HTML,C#, SQL, CSS, C++ and R.

Packt Publishing also found that the income of web developer is not the direc proportion to the popularity of programming languages. For example, The annual average salary of Bash, Perl, Scala web developers is over $80,000, while PHP and C web developers is under$ 40,000.

In terms of tools used by web developers, AngularJS ranks first. Followed React.js frameworks of Facebook, Node.js, Docker, Laravel, Bootstrap, WordPress and AWS.

The most popular programming languages in a few years ago were Swift, C#, Go, Rust and Elixir. The most popular new Frameworks are Docker, Apache Spark, Amazon Web Services, Hadoop, Azure, Xamarin and so on.

Rasmussen College posted an article in May, 2015 that the following 14 programming languages earned much for web developers among hundreds of programming languages: Ruby, Objective-C, Python, Java, C, Perl, JavaScript, Shell, C#, C++, R, SQL, PHP and Visual Basic.

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