Welsh government is planning to ban e-cigarettes


The regional government of Wales has made plans to outlaw e-cigarettes in public places. It will be banned in this area soon.

The Labour-led government also wants to restrict the use of chemical inhalers as their paper-based counterparts, news coming from The Guardian.

Those measures are just part of a broader scheme in order to improve the health condition of the Welsh nation.

There are also other plans including compulsory licensing of tattooing, acupuncture and body piercing business. The businessmen are forbidden to sell nicotine and tobacco products to people are under 18. Nicotine and tobacco are not good for health.

Mark Darkeford, the minister of from Welsh health and social service said the Welsh government has obligation to provide healthy environments that enable the local people to live healthy, happy lives and prevents the people from harming health by the living condition.

He added:”the government has strong tradition of using legal ways to improve health for the public”. And he said he is confident with the proposal as the measures in Public Health Bill will support its implementation.

At the same time, a ban on e-cigarettes has been introduced by train operator Southern Rail recently in England in order to comfort its other passengers.

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