iPhone 7 Special Event held on September 7

It is reported that iPhone 7 Special Event will be held on September 7. The confirmed source revealed that Apple has been testing MacBook Pro since the beginning of this year.

Apple has less opportunity to dispaly MacBook Pro update on September 7. Up to now, Apple spokesman Bill Evans made no comment on this new.s

Since the release of iPad in 2010, Steve Jobs once considered it as post-PC device. It indicated iPad would be the replacement of laptop. However, the release of MacBook Pro surprised the public. Mac products included pro line contributed $25.5 billion revenue in 2015 fiscal year, increaed by 6%, while iPad revenue declined by 23%, down to $23.2 billion.

Apple research statistics showed that consumers would upgrade their iPad each three years, upgrade iPhone each 18to 24 months. This is why iPad sales encountered decline after 2013.

MacBook Pro upgrades its touch screen bard for key board. Some analyst predicted it would apply thinner and lighter OLED for MacBook Pro eary this year.

MacBook Pro is said to save more energy than the current products. It will apply AMD chip while it used to apply Intel product. It is unclear the updated Macbook Pro is equipped with which processor.

It is said that MacBook Pro supports USB-C technology. It will offer three color options for consumers as iPhone, iPad and 12-inch MacBook did.

Apple may apply Touch ID for MacBook Pro line. Technically, MacBook Pro is supposed to support Apple Pay certification.

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